Jumping back in on XBOX

Hey Guys - I’m going to jump back in to Division 2 and wanted to check to see who is still playing, still has it installed or wants to try it?

I’m a level 20 right now, so haven’t quite reached the End Game content and started worrying about Gear Score.

If @Lala_Calamari or @Grex could make sure I get a Clan invite that would be solid. Might as well have my points go towards the Clan total


I’ll try to remember to log on tonight and add you. I’m old and forgetful.

I’ll try to ping you if I see you on forgetful old man

Clan invite sent.

If you happen to see RuttedClown on, you’re always welcome to join me.

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You got it, same here !

Thank you good sir!!

I’m not sure if I still have it downloaded I’ll look and hit you up if I play

You’re in for a treat if you go in the Dark Zone with @shortbus. I had to carry him several times in D1’s Dark Zone.

I’m used to carrying you around so it cant be that bad

I’m a pro in the Dark Zone. I shoot at anything and everything.

Shooting at and hitting are completely different

I have it on the PC and XB1, but havent played it that much.

Awesome. I’ll keep my eyes open for any of you guys in-game
Got into the clan and seem to be g2g.

Oh yes, the NYC Backpack stories, please Pinocchio expound on your MLG carry tactics and generosity.

Apparently I’ve just missed you on several of these nights.

I’m generally on around 9pm MST after I put my son to bed.

@LudwigVonTokkenTakke and Tam helped me get to Level 30 tonight which was awesome. We were able to power through the last 4 Story Missions, the Hyena Stronghold and a ton of Side Missions too.

@shortbus you need this gun. BTW, How is the new season? It’s been forever since I’ve touched the Division.

I think I’m going to pick it back up when the expansion drops.

I like it so far, I haven’t yet gotten to the new content but I’m enjoying it.

I’ll have to check out that AR

@Lala_Calamari - I saw you on last night, did you get to play any of the new content?