Join IGN in a PUBG Event

The real story behind a single game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is difficult to tell. It’s an experience filled with close calls, strategizing, and either long range duels or up close and personal battles to the death. From a solo perspective you gear up and then head into an encounter that’ll get your blood pumping… unless you never find anyone and run from the blue most of the match, only to be sniped by someone you never see. It happens. That’s part of what keeps players coming back. You never know what kind of encounter you’re going to have heading into a match. I’d like to try and tell that story from the perspective of all 100 players in a single match, and a duo match, but I need your help.

Click Link for more Details and How to Be part of this.

This is a pretty cool idea.
Be interested to know whether the devs or IGN came up with the whole idea.