Jessica Jones

Has anyone caught this yet?

I went through the first three episodes and am digging this so far. Wont drop any spoilers here. Is it as good a daredevil? Not sure yet. Same dark gritty feel and shaping up to be a good series. I would have to say Marvel and Netflix seem like a great combination. Definitely going to keep watching this.

I saw this was out, but know nothing about it. I’ll have to look into it.

I got so much to watch right now, but would love to take time for this

Is Jessica Jones a new character? I’m not familiar with her at all.

I think she’s a marvel character that has been around for a bit (2001), but I don’t know much about her. Look at the wiki lazy shit.

Google that shit for me, you filthy minion!

2001, I was done with comics well past that.

Started watching the show, takes place in HellsKitchen so we’ll definetly be seeing some Dare Devil cross over I am sure. First episode is interesting not hooked yet.

I liked Dare Devil so hoping this is good too.

Netflix’s Daredevil was awesome. I’m hoping this is on a similar level.

I’m two episodes in and am loving it. It’s really good. These Netflix superhero shows really set the bar high for all others. I’d love to see a Netflix version of Arrow.

The wife and I have watched through episode 6, it’s really fucking good and the purple man, aka kilgrave, the bad guy is legit terrifying with his power. Helps that he’s played by my favorite doctor who doctor David Tennant.

Anyway I dig the show and highly recommend it.

I think this is what makes the show so good. He is terrifying and you get to see the aftermath of the carnage he causes. I also like the Jessica Jones character. Not every person with powers would be a superhero or supervillian. Jessica is not a superhero. She’s a broken woman terrified of Killgrave.

Netflix does it again, this is a fantastic show.

This chick looks like Michael Jackson.

Just finished Jessica Jones and I think I enjoyed it more than Dare Devil. And I think the Villian did it. Not only that but Dare Devil was just good episode after another.

I feel Jessica Jones did more of a build up that got more intense each episode.

So I really like both shows and glad they have their own styles.

I’m 3 episodes in. Enjoying it so far.

This show is great. On Episode 10 right now.


Yeah. Can’t wait for the next season. Heard they are going to do a Luke
cage spin off as well. Not sure how offical that is.

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New season is up. I’m a few into it, they need to start picking up the story line.

I know I’ll piss off all the Jessica fan boys but I can’t stop thinking she looks like a beat Michael Jackson. Either that or a pug. She’s got a weird grill.

Now her friend Trish is hot.