Items being removed at the end of Season of Dawn

Season of Dawn ends at the weekly reset on March 10, 2020. Players will have until this date to complete any remaining Season of Dawn quests and triumphs, and to collect any seasonal items.

Once Season of the Worthy begins, the following list of items will no longer be available to players from the Season of Dawn:

Items and activities

  • Season of Dawn Season Pass and bonuses from the Season Pass (previously earned items from the Season Pass can be claimed here)
  • Season of Dawn Seal and Savior title
  • Incomplete items in the Season of Dawn collections badge will turn invisible
  • Emblems and Shader Quests/items from the Season of Dawn
  • Lore - “Constellations”
  • The Lantern of Osiris seasonal artifact
  • Player power increase from The Lantern of Osiris
  • Polarized Fractaline
  • Obelisk Bounties
  • Timelost Weapon Bounties
  • Timelost Friends consumable
  • Fractaline Skimmer consumable
  • Light-Fused Fractaline
  • The Sundial Arena
  • The Sundial Spire
  • Destination Obelisks
  • Tower Obelisk
  • Quests from Osiris
  • Quests from Saint-14 (The Bastion Quest will still be available)
  • Saint-14 bounties
  • Devil’s Ruin exotic quest (Devil’s Ruin will be available again in a future season)
  • Season of Dawn artifact mods

Season 9 Triumphs

  • Tangled Shore Resonance
  • Mars Resonance
  • Nessus Resonance
  • EDZ Resonance
  • Global Resonance
  • Link Repair
  • Race Through Time
  • Undefeatable
  • Legendary Psion
  • Flayer Slayer
  • Inotam’s Ruin
  • Sundial
  • Bastion
  • Saintly Savior
  • A Past Remembered
  • Bound By Duty
  • Saintly Duty
  • Devil’s Ruin
  • Tower Obelisk
  • Central Power
  • Power Overwhelming
  • Empyrean Restorer
  • Torch-Bearer
  • Season 9: Power Bonus
  • Season 9: Progress
  • Season 9: Combat
  • Season 9: Challenges
  • Season 9: Valor
  • Season 9: Valor Legend
  • Season 9: Glory
  • Season 9: Glory Streak
  • Season 9: Iron Banner
  • Season 9: Engagement
  • Season 9: Rituals
  • Season 9: Vanguard
  • Season 9: Nightfall
  • All other Season 9 triumphs

only issue i see is i have a few weekly obelisk bounties finished…thinking maybe i should turn them in

You should be fine holding onto the obelisk bounties. If it’s anything like the vex offensive bounties once completed you can still turn them in. I did that at the beginning of this season with those bounties