Is the New Seasonal Armor Worthless?

Started ranting in chat today about the new seasonal armor…

Hopefully with the coming weeks of the season they will make this new armor set not worthless. Cause right now all pinnacle drops have the dreambane mod. With just the new event right now i am not sure if these new mod slots are worth anything. With that said there is supposedly a new event coming next week. Maybe they will have some of these events have a pinnacle drop. Right now the amount is really pathetic.

Now when IB comes around they are supposedly getting the new seasonal mod slot.


yea we chatted a bit about this… it not only makes the new armor shit it makes your last season masterworked armor worthless. why put any effort/time into masterworking armor or getting good rolls? 2 options make the last slot (5th) universal meaning we can put any 5th slot mod on it or make masterwork much much less expensive, like 10 core for level 10 or something

Agreed. Plus any armor that drops for me that does not even have the 5th slot is shard fodder.