Is it Kold in here? Im Fr0zen

Hi all, im Ric, AKA Fr0zen Kold on Xbox One. I am a 37 year old married gamer with a passion for various games. I was playing CoD but that got pretty stale in a time when so many games are releasing. With this new release of Hardline, I am looking for new friends to game with seeing as hardly anyone on my friends list is anti BF lol

Looking over this site, it seems I would be a good fit. I can take a joke as well as dish it out. I will say now though, that some of my jokes involve others moms lmao but thats all they are, jokes. Like I said, I play a variety of games spanning from FPS’s, RPG’s, Fighting games, MMO’s and sports games. I understand a mic is required which I will be getting a new one on friday. My current mic cuts in and out and can get quite frustrating for others to hear. I can still hear with my mic I just cant talk 100% of the time. Yes I know I can use Kinect but I find it somewhat annoying when others use it, I cant imagine putting myself in those shoes.

Thank you for putting in the time to read my intro, if you would like to add me, my GT is Fr0zen Kold. The 1st 0 is a zero.


Welcome to the clan. Amazon just had a sale on Logitech and turtle beach headsets… might wanna take a look and see if they are still active, save a few bucks.

Welcome to the group. Added.

We have community game night tonight. Should be a mix of Destiny and Hardline. Maybe even some GTA and COD.

Thanks for the welcomes :slight_smile: I added a couple already, cant wait to meet yall.

Welcome to the nut house.

Welcome aboard.


Good games tonight and welcome to the clan! Added you to my friends list.

BTW, get a new mic :smiley: or better yet, a complete headset.

I do plan on it, hopefully within the next day or 2 :wink:



Welcome to GRG! Happened to jump in for your last game or two of the night…had fun in BF.

FR sent your way.

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