Iron Banner Meta

@destinyplayers So what’s the meta for guns this Iron Banner? What’s everyone running? I’m trying to decide what I’ll go with tonight.

Last word, beloved, machine gun

I haven’t got a good roll yet on the Beloved. I’ll have to run it again tonight real quick and see if I get lucky. If not I have a Fate Cries Foul that is pretty solid.

I’m not a Last Word fan. I’m not really a HC fan for PvP but I can’t get the hang of the last word at all. Maybe put more time in.

I usually just fall back to my basic bitch Bygones (the one you get by default). That thing is a laser and I know I’ll hit with all the bullets in a pulse with that gun.

I also heard that the Suros Regime is pretty solid now in Crucible. I don’t have the catalyst so that may not be an option. I like mixing up the meta or making my own.

suros is back…

last word and ace of spades too

as a bullet sponge…I have a keen knowledge of what has been killing me…good snipers…there are a few:
long goodbye
Dreaded venture
Sole survivor
Tatara Gaze
Supremacy (this is pve gun IMHO)
and even bite of the fox

Fusions are in style
Erintil FR4
Telesto (its nerfed to shit but still kills me)
Main ingrediant
Wizened rebuke

outbreak prime
claws of the wolf
Bad juju (again great pve but i dont think so for PvP)

also subs and Grenade launchers…but i hate them all equally

I’ve been using Vigilance Wing and a sidearm. The Wing is great with the 5 round burst and the heals on ally death have helped me out in group situations. I love running a pulse in PvP with a HC or sidearm as backup.

21% delirium hasn’t left my power slot

How do you get the Catalyst?

random drop in crucible

Thanks. I think I have to rebuy this as I don’t see it in my inventory.