Iron Banner - 12/29

Iron Banner starts today for those that are still playing Destiny. Looks like PS4 gets an exclusive armor set this time and supposedly Lord Saladin is offering something to entice players to return to the arena. Join the fight Guardian!

I think this would be a nice break from other games, at least for me.


Not unless you have a full team. Solo Iron Banner, or partial team Iron Banner is painful. I’m not sure how it is now. How many people still play?

I’d play.

I’m sure we could get a full fireteam, don’t you? We’ve already got 3…

I would make 4

I may be down if there is enough interest. Hit me up!

Who are you counting in that number?

Me, KFK, and you.

Now shortbus and Duval are in.

How do you figure?

Cause you’ll play, don’t act like you won’t

If i had time this week I definetly would. I been playing Destiny a little on PS4 to start working on my characters. There is something about Destiny where I love leveling new characters. And starting new is totally different than when game orginal came out. Quest system adds a little something.

I was actually thinking of deleting one of my characters to start over just to see what Kinderguardians experience since TTK dropped.