20 year Marine vet who has recently been disabled. Just getting back into video games after a long hiatus.

Xbox player who Primarily plays Sea of Thieves and No Man’s Sky.




We have some vets and actives here, I’m sure they’ll introduce themselves.

I know that NMS has some sort of MP now? Not sure how decent it is but Hello Games still seem to be providing updates.
SoT is probably best enjoyed with others, not sure who’s playing that now.

Anthem, Blackout, Destiny, Ark & Apex are some of the popular titles around here these days.

I’ll add you on XBL and we’ll get you an invite to the GRG community club there too.

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Just a note, your gamertag in your profile here on the site has an extra 7 in it.

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Fixed it! Good catch.



NMS just announced a big update This summer that is supposed to improve multiplayer. However, as of right now the multiplayer is still pretty broken…at least on XB.

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Welcome to the community.

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Welcome! Have you joined the @SoTPlayers group yet?

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I have!

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