Incursion Patch 1.1 current given notes

edit: I copied and pasted these notes on Reddit. It seems that they have now changed them to what Lance linked below. I want to keep it here though cause this reveals this Massive didn’t want to reveal yet?? Or just maybe things changed. To see official notes go to Lances’s link below.

Division Tech

Can also drop from NPCs
Even more ways to earn it after update 1.1

Backpack Issue

No modded items in the Inventory
It should be fixed and it will be patched in the 1.1 update
But can also have other fallout, but it is under investigation.


Cheating report helps and they are also asking for reports from the community
On PC, players can be reported in-game after 1.1 - /report (Username)
They are also scanning themselves with server side tracking
Suspension and banning is happening
It is not perfect, but they are working on. Better solutions will be implemented in the future.
There is a 3 day suspension, then there is a second chance, but then it is a permanent ban
There were also many false reports because some Players are very high geared (the new Dark Zone Bracket in level 30 will probably help the situation)


Completion Rate: 41% of all character created have the story completed (only 33% of those went to the last Echo)
37% of all character have reached level 30

News this week

New Podcast about Incursions / Endgame / Balancing will be released later this week.
New Article about Gear Sets and Incursions

Incursion update 1.1 Preview

Falcon Lost is the new Incursion that will be released next week
4 Gear Sets (1 Dark Zone / 3 more PvE Focused)
Gear Score will be implemented
Assignments are daily and weekly activities (new every day) Dark Zone / PVE / Crafting
Hourly Supply Drops in the Dark Zone that are guarded by NPCs
Trading among team-members (give feedback if it not OK)

Patchnotes for 1.1 will be released later today – these are the highlights

Phoenix Credits changes will be included

Level 30 enemies drop 1-3 Credits
Level 31 enemies drop 2-4 Credits
Level 32 enemies drop 3-5 Credits

New Level 31 / 32 Blueprints

Older Blueprints will not require Division Tech anymore
The New ones will need Division Tech
Dark Zone changes

Items can be bought with these Dark Zone Ranks (15 / 25 / 40 / 75 / 90) more granular DZ Ranks
New Dark Zone Brackets (below 160 / above 160)
160 = almost full high end gear equipped.

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I am not even 50 in DZ yet, not looking forward to grinding this out.

This all sounds great. “Old” blue prints are still new to me.

Yeah, I just hit my 50, about to go shopping. But does it really matter I made it to 50 no, cause next week the best gear will be from 90.

DZ grinding is horrible. The person that I am has to do it cause I want to have the most options.

I have no issues yet doing hard mode or challenges for Phoenix Credits, that can still be fun. When will I have time to get my 2nd character to 30, or finish all the side missions and encounters, and collect everything.

Well I can’t complain there is not enough content for me in the Division.

Man did they kick crafting in the nuts hard. I thought the conversion ratio was bad before…

Did hear anecdotally that they may have stealth increased the HE drop of mats from containers tho’…so that might compensate some.

with the increase in division tech drops from NPCs now i think it wont be too bad for crafting.

I do like that they added a new bracket. Was in the DZ the other day with a group of 4. we were all under DZ rank 30 and one rank 50 guy mowed us all down no problem. we barely did any damage to him.

It’s near impossible to take down rogues in the DZ for me and the guys I play with.

We mostly avoid them at this point.

Or maybe attack rouges when we have little or no loot to lose.

I’ve lost many DZ keys to getting killed by high leveled rogues.

It might sound like I am complaining but the high level rogues are a very entertaining part of the game.

I copied and pasted what Reddit had posted yesterday. It looks like they took it out and replaced it with what you linked.

Nor does the new patch notes mention level 32 gear. But why just lower vendor rank levels then change high rank gear from Phoenix Credits to Dark Zone Credits? I still think something might be up.

Will wait and see.

Here you go Lance just found this.

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So, as of right now, I am lvl 33 in the DZ. If i’m reading this correctly, I want to get to 40 and then stop until the patch, as that’s basically the same as 50? And, then start the 40-75 grind after patch…

EDIT: also, did anyone notice that the packs in the videos hold 500 items? Now I can have all the gears!!!


You want to grind to 90 ASAP cause all the rank 50/40 gear is going to become obsolete, there are already a bunch of players that are rank 90

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Right @AmuseKus, I get that I will want to be 90. But, realistically, I probably won’t get there and still have a relationship with my old lady by Tuesday lol. So, what would you say would be the best plan as of right now? Just get as high as possible (lvl wise) before patch?

Exactly, no reason to slow down just cause you can get the gear at a less level. Just work at a pace you can deal with and just wait for patch to buy anything if you hit 50 before patch.
I honestly getting very dissappointed with this game.

They are going to end driving the casual people away, they are slowly driving me away. I love the RPG elements but have a very hard time finding the gear I need to play the role I want to. Recalibration lets you only change one thing which would be fine but all those stats on lot of gear and usually lot of them I need to switch, the RNG is bad. Yet they are going to make me grind more and have to get more crafting materials cause other players spent hours exploiting certain parts of the game.

All I got to say is before update I’ll be spending all my DZ and credits on gear to break down and then turn them into high-end materials

When is the update?

I’m sure if enough people bitch they will change a few things again.

That’s usually how it goes in games like this.

The 12th

Yeah “Average Joe Gamer” who hasn’t taken advantage of any of the exploits (not really do to a moral code or anything lol), I will be SEVERELY handicapped in this game. I have what I think is a pretty decent set of gear (still need gloves) and about 6 high end weapons. When watching these videos of a guy with 8 high end items in every slot to choose from, I get very discouraged. My hope is that this will be a bit of a balancing act on their part once they see the responses from the community. Or, that they greatly improve the drop rates for everyone, to level the playing field. Good call tho. I will continue to play the way I have been, and hope that I will still be having fun with this a couple of months from now.


That’s it! I’m breaking up with my girlfriend. I don’t have enough time!


I don’t have time for that. That won’t get me to rank 90 to use those crafting materials.

One plan I think I am missing is a small grip. Will have to check the darkzone but I am unsure if there is a IL 31 small grip.

Well this is all assumption but they are increasing gear level so I would say 75 is some level 32 gear and 90 is some blueprints for Path of the Nomad.

Again all speculation.

If it wasn’t stuff that would replace the 31 gear why switch 31 stuff from Phoenix Credits to DZ funds?