Increase your DPS w/ Animation Canceling (Weaving)!

Hey erybody, here with a handy tip that will help “double” your DPS using animation canceling, or weaving. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry, neither had I. It is a close-range attack style that will allow you to get in multiple attacks faster by canceling out the animation that happens with your basic attack. The basic system works like so:

  1. Attack with basic primary weapon
  2. Immediately follow with skill based attack

For example; I am a sword/shield templar. I run up to an NPC, hit my primary attack (RT on PS4) and as soon as I hear the sound from the primary, I cast one of my magic skills. The animation from my first attack registers, but the animation never shows. My guy immediately casts his magic skill, and I’ve done more damage in less time. I have confirmed this works. Here is a video that explains a little better than my words can:


I know this is a thing on the PC. I was hoping they’d patch it. PvP can get nasty if you can’t pull this off.

seems very similar to canceling in Street fighter