Improving GRG in 2016

2015 was a very busy and successful year for GRG. Our membership continues to grow. We are hosting more GRG events through out the month. The ReaperCast continues to grow and improve. And we not only have an active XBox and PS4 community but are now venturing into a PC gaming community.

2016 looks to start off with a bang. We have the GRG BLOPS 3 Tournament scheduled for the end of the month. Teams should be picked very soon (so you can start practicing and trash talking). We’ll continue to host our standard events and ReaperCast. Hell, I even started an Ad campaign based off our 2015 game article.

Right now we’re trying to come up with ideas on how to continue to grow GRG and make it a better adult gaming community. So I’d like to ask everyone, WTF do you want from GRG?

What changes would you like to see?
More or less Community events?
Do you have suggestion to improve GRG?
Any Site changes?

Shit like that. Let’s hear your ideas and work on the continued growth of GRG (and not just our peen).


BTW, feel free to comment in this thread or shoot me a PM if the matter is more sensitive.

I’d say community growth isn’t a problem, the talking heads in charge seem to know what their doing.
Ya’ll could include prize giveways on Reapercast for more live viewers, like Disneyworld tickets or some such.

Yes, the year was pretty good and overall I think we should be happy with how things have gone.

No matter the people, the environment or the history there will always be ups and downs, and I don’t think there’s much that needs to changed for 2016.

If you’re looking for suggestions anyway, maybe one thing is we wait and see how the tourney goes and feed off of that by maybe having a once a month event. Obviously, not just COD, but even older titles that can be re awoken.

Otherwise the staff has been stellar, and I personally am happy with how things are going.


Firing the producer of the Reapercast would be a good start.


You don’t really want that.

no changes need to be made. interested in possibly more tournament events. would like to get in on one in the near future

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There are a couple of things we as staff are already looking at what we can do better.

  • improve member retention. We have close to 500 registered members now, but only a fraction are what we would consider active. Looking at ways to get inactive members back.
  • Improve site participation. We are building this as a community and would like to hear ideas on how we can interact with the community better.
  • better use of social media. Is this important to members?
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Whether it’s important to members or not, this is something that can only help. Either with communicating with current members, or branching out and gathering new interest.

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Good point

I agree @beers_and_leafs Im not huge on consistently using any social media but it can only help nowadays.
I joined in the middle of this year and in my opinion, I have seen some good things happen in the last 7 months of the year.
I think the Reapercast has gotten better as you guys do it more. Still feeling your way through it and always looking for new ideas to make it better. If anyone spends time in the forums so and watches the show, you can see that.
We can always improve on member participation in the forums, but I think we just have to keep asking everyone to do it. We say it in the forums, on the casr, and in slack.
The tournaments are a great idea and I think will bring members to the forums and the community. We just have to figure out the best system for us to organize it and pull it off in order to do it more often.
On that pont, I think the staff are putting forth the effort to make this community better and doing a great job. No one is doing this as a full time job and they are taking time out of their own day to do all of this. I would imagine it is pretty time consuming to get it all done.
The one point I would like to emphasize is getting members together and playing with different groups of people. I realize it all depends on the game and time of day your are online, but with so many member it can be hard to really play with people that you usually don’t play with. That is one thing that the tournaments and similar events could excel at. Random teAmsterdam will put players that usually don’t group together in the same party and the community will only get better. As a newer member it took time to get to know a bigger group of people to play with. That process could really be sped up in a tournament team situation.
I am looking forward to 2016 to see what happens. Great job GRG staff.

I wouldn’t worry so much about forum participation. Forums are kind of outdated. Bigger presence with facebook? Or even twitter?

I don’t know how people would feel about more facebook interaction, though. Personally? I wouldn’t use the facebook part. I’ve got business associates and such on my facebook and it wouldn’t be professional to have gaming visible on my facebook. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about it or GRG. I suppose I could create a secondary facebook account, but doing so kind of defeats the purpose of ease of entry. Certainly there’s some privacy settings that could hide it but, man, facebook does not make that easy sometimes.

And I don’t use twitter, so…I don’t know.

I kind of dont like the layout of the forums, but that’s for another topic, I suppose.

Honestly? What you’re seeing is basically fracture between the two systems. If we were mostly on the PS4, using the community tools would be a no brainer. If we were mostly on the XBone (which seems to be the case I think?), we could utilize whatever tools is available on that side. I don’t think it would be much of a concern if we were all on the XBox or all on the PS4. I get my GRG news mostly on the PSN community page, and do my best to jump in with GRG members on whatever game they’re playing (if I have it).

In a 'round about way, what we need is a game to pull us all together. If there’s truly a significant GRG presence on the XBox One when The Division comes out, I may buy a One just to have that community feeling. I would rather play on the PS4 for a bunch of reasons, but hey. Those kinds of games are more fun with more friends.

I kinda think alot of people are in my situation: When they joined, they thought they would have more time than they actually do. In my case, there’s been a life event (buying an airplane! YAY!), kid being picked for an all star traveling baseball team (YAY!), significant promotions for both me and my wife (YAY!), and an ever expanding social calender. Just kind of settling into that groove of my 40’s where time is a precious commodity. Weekends, if we’re in town, are BBQing in the 'hood. Since buying a plane, we’ve been in Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, San Antonio, New Orleans, Dallas, Tuscaloosa…we stay hopping. My gaming time used to be 9pm to midnight but now? By 9pm, I’m exhausted and just want to have a drink then go to bed.

The reason we push forums so much are that they are central to the site. Facebook, Twitter, chat, etc all fracture and splinter conversations and players. While Facebook may seem easier to you, it’s just farming out our memberbase. Chat is even worse as people can’t see or participate in conversations that happen when they are not on.

You should spend some time on these forums. They are far from out dated and really have a lot to offer. For instance, posts update in real time (even on mobile ) which essentially turns the forums into a chat service.

As a site and community manager I have to look at the bigger picture and focus on what’s best for our community. A lot of time and thought has been put behind this. The goal is to get the community to to band together not fragment apart to several tiny cliques.


I am not saying THESE particular forums are outdated. I’m saying pretty much ALL forums are outdated. And no, facebook would NOT be easier for me. It would be yet another account to manage because, no, I’m not linking GRG or any sort of gaming to my ‘public’ facing…facebook. Not going to happen.

Look, I get the push for the forums or say, facebook, I really do. I prefer forums; it’s kind of old school. If I want an update, I can go to the forums. Instead of facebook, where it’s pushed willy nilly. Maybe ‘outdated’ is a bad word to describe these forums, I just don’t like the layout. It’s overly busy for my tastes, and access from the homepage on a tablet is more than a bit clunky (with some sort of toolbar that keeps invading space from the left).

But whether it’s facebook, the best damned forums in the world, or ESP, the battle you’re fighting is fragmentation across three different platforms that do not allow for cross platform play.

It’s not about having more events, or better communicating about the events, when 2/3rds of the platforms (regardless of numbers) can’t partake in those events.

So you have two options; taking into consideration and fact that cliques are going to happen no matter what:

  1. Deal with as best as possible and not worry about it.
  2. Draw a line in the sand and say “GRG is an XBox One guild/clan/group/whatever” and go forward with XBox One platform as the preferred platform where events are planned and the other platforms are unofficially supported (so to speak), and left to fend for themselves until such time their numbers are greater than XBox One users.

Option 2 is obviously less ideal short term, and sure to cause some gnashing of teeth, but has more long term viability. Keep in mind I’m saying this as a PS4 user which seemingly has a smaller footprint here.

I think that no matter what anyone does, a platform split of GRG will be inevitable, even though it may have already happened. Hell, we ARE split already. We just happen to share the same game tag.

And if anyone gets their feelings hurt about cliques or not being able to play with the cool kids club, oh well.

Just to further comment on this. I don’t the specific form on internet communication medium we’re using. Forums are not outdated, Reddit proves otherwise. I feel as though communities may be what is outdated. People are no longer really interested in building up large groups or putting in the effort to do so. Many want instant gratification. We get so many people that sign up and want to get into a game immediately. When that happens, they go elsewhere. Case in point, look at the popularity that the Destiny LFG sites have. Why go through the hassle of actually forming a relationship with other gamers when you can insta-raid and continue to be antisocial in a social game.

That’s really the issue we have to address. How do we find those (or retain those) who are interested in forming a gaming relationship.

The key has just been mentioned… RELATIONSHIPS

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I’m not sure how I’m supposed to fix the lack of events on the PS4 side of the community. At one point I had 4 PS4 Team Leads who we tasked with running the weekly GRG Community Event. They were also supposed to host 2 events each month. (giving you 8 total events). I was told from them that the PS4 side was not interested in that.

Now I have had 2 PS4 Team Leads resign. I’m sorry there’s a lack of events but it will continue to be that way until I get people willing to step and host events. So I really need people in the PS4 community willing to put GRG first and help out. Help host simple events

BTW, we get a ton of PS4 applications. I wouldn’t call it a small group by any means. Just an unorganized group.

Maybe I am old but I just don’t get the console vs console thing. Bottom line is we are all people who enjoy gaming. Honestly I like talking about games and don’t care about who is on what console.

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Agreed @sjam613… I’ve enjoyed 99% for my convos with ps peeps