I'm a Baller now. No Slums for me!

Finally got my house. Fuck settling, I went big. Got the 500k house and I’m living large!













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That is sweet. Now I am a little upset that I went low spending 205k.

Yeah, it’s a huge waste of cash. I could of got a 10 car place cheaper. It was just some stupid goal to get. Now I’m off to find a cool car to buy.

Land Rovers or big SUV’s sell for a lot. 7-9k in perfect condition.

@rabb Here is my Dubsta. It was the first car I stole on 360 and I have maxed everything I have unlocked. The snorkel isn’y functional which kinda sucks.

@LalaCalamari I have the same apartment. Now you can buy 2 more properties down the road. I went with just 10 car garages and have them spread out over the city.

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Nice money trick and I didn’t know you could sell a car for that much. I also thought you could only sell one care per hour (real time not game time).

So you can steal any car and take it somewhere for sale?

Not any car. The Los Santos Customs won’t touch the Lambos and shit like that. Yes, you can steal a normal car and sell it. Just take it to any pay and spray. Like I said, the Land Rover type of SUV was giving me 9k undamaged.

Easy cash if you’re near a pay and spray.

I’m trying to save up to buy a kick ass sports car. I have a place in the city and a small hideout out in the sticks of the north.

There is a SUV that will give you 30K but I don’t remember which.

took me couple hours to find one, but i finally did. this car gives you the most IIRC. you can get $30K from custom cars but you gotta upgrade them full so you dont make a profit. I use the dubsta to spawn more dubstas. there is also the range rover looking one thats pretty popular, its worth $9K

and yes lala, its like once every 45 minutes to an hour.

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