IGN - Horizon Zero Dawn.... IS A VERY GOOD GAME.

IGN discusses various aspects of the new PS4 release made by Guerilla Games.

Title: Horizon: Zero Dawn
Release Date: Feb 28, 2017
Platform(s): PS4 exclusive


A bit of regret for getting rid of the PS4, but in watching a bit of a stream this morning seems like every other open world game. Big map, lots of side quests, rank up on weapons and skills…

Just like Wildlands will be but with co-op. :slight_smile:

Still have my ps4…only game i have for it is ‘Knack’…might pick this up…This and Scalebound were the rpgs I was looking forwards to.

I am waiting for the complete edition to release in December. Will be buying a PS Pro to play it on.

One of my favorite games of the year and can’t wait to play the DLC

Its a beautiful game so can see waiting on PS4 pro

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One of the very few games that make me regret not having a PS4 anymore.

The complete edition is available for $40 in the PS Store. Picked it up and downloading since I am close to the end of God of War.


Good price and defiantly worth it.

Started playing this the other night after picking it up on sale over a year ago. Game looks great! Story keeps you engaged as well.

Just picked it up via https://slickdeals.net/f/13938698-horizon-zero-dawn-complete-edition-ps4-digital-download-3-69?src=frontpage. Can’t beat the price, so will finally give this a go. :smiley: