If you are interested in Beyond Good & Evil 2 this is a good read.

It doesn’t look like this game is even close to coming out. This little piece I found extremely cool…

“I’m changing the time,” Ancel said as he then zoomed out so that the camera pulled back from the atmosphere into outer space. Many games have day/night cycles, but in this demo, “Changing the time” meant actually making the planet rotate on its axis as it moved around a star, causing the light from the star to hit the surface differently. “There is a universal simulation,” he said. “There are galaxies. It’s not just changing the color of the sun. Everything is rotating.”

“When you see a sunset in Beyond Good and Evil 2, that’s a real sunset,” producer Guillaume Brunier added. “It’s not just some lights our artists put there.”

The game doesn’t even look like the trailers we have seen.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn’t pretty yet. Ancel thinks it won’t look like the trailer everyone saw on Monday at least until the end of the year, but thanks to the tech they’ve built, he believes it is primed to offer an adventure that starts small and becomes galactic in scale.

Yes please…

Players start with a customizable character. Maybe you’re a cool monkey man. Maybe you’re a swashbuckling lady. You start in a low social station, maybe as a slave. Or, Ancel suggested, maybe you deliver pizzas on a space tuk-tuk, and you see a port full of spaceships that can warp through the universe. “We want people to understand that one day, they’ll be able to have their own giant spaceship.”

This game seems really ambitious. I am afraid we may not even see it before 2020. I am still super excited for it and I hope it is just as they intend it to be.

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