I heard it was dangerous out alone, but i had nothing to take with me

So a little about myself. I’m pretty open minded and enjoy joking around, but I also enjoy some serious gaming, I have been gaming for a long time, probably the same with everyone else here. I play comp shooters most of the time, but can play some survival games, or a turn base game. I’ve served in the military for 12 years, and have a pretty amazing job with Discovery Channel, where I currently work 3rd shifts, so my gaming hours are normally the evenings. My favorite drink would have to be Somoa This, it’s pretty much like drinking a liquid form of a brownie with alcohol.


Welcome. GT Sniper T1 on the Xbox.

Welcome! What survival game? Ark is my poison. Soulterror08 is Xbox gt

Welcome to grg good to have you and hope you’ll enjoy the asylum

Welcome to the community.


Welcome to GRG!