How to unlock the Armaguerra 43 in Vanguard & Warzone

You will be able to unlock the Armaguerra 43 SMG in Vanguard and Warzone by getting 10 hip-fire kills in a single match 15 times, or in Zombies, use SMGs to kill 400 enemies frozen by your Frost Blast.

The easiest way to complete this is to build an SMG with attachments that improve hip-fire accuracy, then jump into a game of Vanguard’s Hardcore Shipment or Das Haus. Simply hold the trigger, and you’ll get those 10 kills in no time at all. But, you should play out the rest of the match to ensure it tracks.

If you’re looking to unlock it in Warzone, then Plunder is the place to go. Treyarch have acknowledged that the in-game Zombies unlock description is wrong, so the one above is correct.

If you don’t want to complete the challenge then you can also acquire the weapon’s Blueprints from its store bundle after Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update arrives.

The Armaguerra 43 is the “fastest-firing weapon in its category,” with its effective range being deemed “better than other fast-firing SMGs.”

If this weapon performs as well as Welgun then it may shake up the meta in both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. It’s the preferred weapon of new Operator Gustavo Dos Santos, so if you’re looking to level this weapon up fast then you’ll want to play as him.

Thanks to the Raven Software Trello board, we know when the next Warzone & Vanguard Double XP events are:

  • All platforms Max Double XP event: Friday, March 25 – Monday, March 28
    • 2x XP, 2x Weapon XP, 2x Clan XP, 2x Operator XP, and 2x Battle Pass XP


15 painful matches and it’s mine. Of course it’s nerfed already.