How To Get Into Grand Strategy Games


I have heard some chatter recently in our Discord chat about grand strategy games (mainly Stellaris). For those of you that have ever thought of trying one or been slightly interested, here is a good article on different ones to get started with.


I have played a little bit of EUIV. It is really complex but pretty fun once you learn the basics. The subreddits for the paradox titles have some good beginner and FAQ sections to get you started.


TW Medieval II with TW Rome as a close second are my top favourites in this genre.

If you can say that Civ fits the bill too, that’s next.

Not tried many of the others, apart from a few more in the TW series.
TW Warhammer I’m still getting into - though I don’t have any nostalgia since I never played the tabletop.

Heard a lot about CK and EU though.
Stellaris is intriguing but pricey. On the wishlist it goes…


Picked this up yesterday on @sjam613’s tip of it being on sale.

Played a little bit this morning. I bit overwhelming starting out but it looks cool and I’m looking forward to playing it.


I think I’ve only really played the Total War series games. I have bought some other series on steam but haven’t gotten around to them. Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, and a couple others I can’t think of. I’d say I’m a little more into the real time strategies like Age of Empires.



For those of you that have been interested in Paradox games, they are on sale this weekend.




It’s on Steam so didn’t think it needed it but:


Well you didn’t say Steam…




They ducked up some of those links - several of them take you to the AoE site.


Handful of us are getting in to Stellaris now for those interested. Tons of mods and DLC for that game. I had about 40 hours in the game from last time I played it.

I am using the Star Trek New Horizons mod right now which is phenomenal and makes the game a Star Trek strategy game.


Can you have a separate save on Stellaris for the Star Trek mod?

I want to play it but also want to keep my current game going.


Yes but not sure if the mod is currently compatible with the latest version.