Hot Wings and Hot Sauces

I am having people over for the Mayweather-McGregor fight and we’ve decided to do a wing challenge similar to the YouTube series “Hot Ones”. I know that @Bigfish is a Pepper head, but are any of you other Reapers fans of exotic heat?

I like heat. Normally edible heat. Hot sauce on my eggs every morning. A few dashes of hot sauce in my OJ as well. I don’t go nuts on it anymore. I have had a bag of ghost pepper beef jerky for awhile because it is just to damn hot for jerky that takes forever to chew.

I have done my fair share of challenges. My first pepper eating contest against my friends dad didn’t end so well as I chased it with apple juice. I was sick for a few days.


This is the current lineup of Hot Sauces, Rubs and Powders I have at the house now.

Front: Oakridge Habenero Death Dust, Kosmos Seven Pepper Face Lift and Oakridge Crucible Ghost Pepper Rub
Middle Row: Kelly’s Killer Dust, Kosmos Killer Honey Chipotle, Killer Hogs Hot Rub and Cuckoo Racha (Sriracha Rub)
Back Row: John Henry’s Hot Pecan Rub, Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce, Melinda’s Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), Phoenix Death Sauce, Chipotle, Cholula, Habenero, Melinda’s Habenero Sauce, Rising Hy Habenero, Classic Tabasco and Frank’s Sweet Chili Wing Sauce.

Will need to pick out the ones to use on the wings.

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I love pepper dust. Great for rubs and such. Tabasco is my staple. Cholula is another one I love. Some of my favorite hot sauces have been made with scotch bonnets and came from the Caribbean.

Tabasco also makes a jalapeno and chipotle hot sauce. I like the jalapeno on eggs and the chipotle is great to add a kick to BBQ sauces.

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We were at a great store with all the bad boy sauces in there. It was a Jerky store with pretty much any flavor jerky you could think of. They even had samples which was nice.

They also sold sauces. Nasty shit that needed waivers. Da Bomb (which I tried once… never again). Mad Dog 357. Pepper extracts. Shit was pricey as well, like 50 bucks. Fuck that noise. This basic bitch tops out at standard hot wing sauce. Don’t judge me, I’m in my safe place.


Mad Dog 357 is the 2nd hottest in this video…

That’s how I recognized the sauce. I’ve watched a few of his videos before.

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I just bought some Da Bomb for this event. I was going to mix it with something more flavorful since it is bitter and and not tasty.

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I really enjoy the heat, but obnoxious heat is bad. I like flavor with my heat, so a lot of those sauces are good for only a taste for me. Not that I can’t handle it, it’s that I would rather spend my money on something I’d enjoy.

One staple that I get is a habanero sauce from Trader Joe’s. It’s got a little heat, but the flavor is great. It’s a good habanero flavor which I love, heat but the pepper sweetness to it. And it’s cheap, usually less than $4 a bottle.

We also went to a Indian store and got a bag of extra hot chili powder. I don’t even know how to classify it, and I can probably find it again but at an Indian store. It is so good! Lots of heat and good flavor. Great for chili or added to some jerk seasoning or tikka masala. Nice to sneak into some meals that can use a little more than cayenne. Ok, a lot more than cayenne!

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@Bigfish - have you ever had these chips?

They are damn tasty. Anyone who enjoys heat should like them, there is a picante type base with the Ghost heat.

I haven’t. Where did you get them? I’ll look for them when I get back home next week.

I have had the Trader Joe’s ghost pepper chip and it’s pretty good. It’s not hot at all, which was disappointing, but it had a good flavor. It’s a lattice chip and a little thicker, so it made a good snack without eating much.

I found them here at Sprouts. They also have a location finder on their
website. They triangles with a light tortilla chips type style.

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Sorry to necromance this thread, but I just discovered it and I wanted to share my wing recipe. It kills every time and I’ve had high end NYC chefs tell me it’s the tits.

Toss 20 wings in coarse sea salt. Then broil wings 10 minutes, then flip them and do another 10 minutes.

While that’s going, melt 3/4 of a stick of butter and 8 oz. of sriracha in a pan. mix that and add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of coriander, stirring regularly. (want more heat, add more hot sauce, want more sweet add more cinnamon and a touch more coriander).

Pull the wings out of the broiler and paint one side, broil again for 2 minutes, flip and repeat. Take the wings out of the broiler and toss them in the remaining sauce.


It’s labor intensive, but man, the results are amazing. I created this by mixing a couple of different recipes over a couple of years, and this simple four ingredient mix has created some of the best wings I’ve ever had (not to mention, since they are broiled, not fried, they are - comparatively - low in fat). Are they traditional Buffalo Wings, (butter and franks) no, but are they good, fuck yes.