Hints on Sony Bend’s New PS4 Exclusive Dropped by Insider: Survival, Bikes and Apocalypse

The upcoming PS4 exclusive game by Sony Bend Studio is still shrouded in mystery, but today well known industry insider Shinobi602 dropped a few hints on what the game is allegedly about.

shinobi602 ‎@shinobi602
DEAD scavenge, we survive

DON’T fear them, on metal & bikes we drive

RIDE, don’t run, the apocalypse is good fun#DeadDontRide #SonyBend
12:06 PM - 18 Apr 2016

And if you’re wondering Shinobi mentioned that it’s not a racing game.

Interestingly, the tease also includes the title “Dead Don’t Ride,” which was already rumored a few months ago.

While Shinobi has demonstrated time and time again that his sources are quite reliable, Sony Interactive Entertainment has made no announcements on this, so you should take the hints above with the customary grain of salt.

Update: NeoGAF user get2sammyb found out an interesting detail, that seems to corroborate the title further. The domain “deaddontride.com” was registered in 2014 by Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Manager Arran Green who is “responsible for the management, strategy and executive creative direction of the WWS Creative group. Managing multiple locations across California – San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

Update 2: NeoGAF user Leona Lewis also found another interesting hint: Stuntwoman Jade Quon lists the title “Dead Don’t Ride” on her resume. The stunt was coordinated by Formosa Interactive, that works extensively with Sony, and has taken part in the production of The Last of Us and inFAMOUS: Second Son

Zombies + Harleys ? LOL

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At first I was hoping for a road rash type game