Hey y’all!

Hey I’m Hunter. I’m from Arkansas. I’ve been playing games for about 15 years. I play on Xbox one right now with hopes of jumping to ps4 or pc one day. I work at a factory on nights so I’m up super late. Wanna know more just HMU!


Welcome to Grg hope you enjoy your stay no refunds

Welcome Hunter/Turtle.

What games are you playing right now?
like literally right this second

Also timezone can be helpful, especially if you work odd hours.

Probably won’t see me online much as my Xbox is the dustiest and I’m the token Brit here.
Loads of these other fuckers will play with you though.

Welcome to the community!


Welcome…I pretty much only play destiny (xbox)but i’m active here and like to help others get into the game

Well I’m kinda playing a little of everything right now as I’m in between games. Madden and Battlefield are probably my main ones for the moment. CST is my time zone.

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welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG!

I have a Xbox but not on it as much… my PS4 is the heavy hitter so if you make that jump hit me up!

What part of Arkansas? I lived there briefly in the Russellville area and my brother lives there still up in Rogers.

I’m in Jonesboro. I’ve been in North East Arkansas my whole life. I’m thinking about moving to Fayetteville honestly.

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