Hey what’s up new here


What’s going on everyone. The ole lady and myself just joined. Just trying to find some people to play games and BS with. I am easy going and laid back. Love to play COD and started playing ESO a little while back.


Welcome to GRG!





Will add you on PSN (Olz_3), though I’m just omw to work right now.

We’ll get you both into the PSN community too, makes it easier to add people on PSN that way.


Welcome to GRG.




Welcome aboard.


Welcome, I’ll add you! I dabble in ESO also.




Welcome to GRG!




Welcome to GRG…


Welcome to GRG and glad you made it over!

I’ll add you and if I can boot up the ole ESO I’ll get a guild invite out to you. Look forward to some COD as well!


I am usually on about 8pm central time and play a few hours almost every night