Hey looking to meet up with those GRG members on xbox hit me up

Looking to meet up with other xbox one players HMU gamertag is Legendary Exiie


Welcome to the community! I’m a noob Xbox owner GT same as here. Where you from and what are you playing? I know a few are meeting up tonight for some Halo 5. https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/halo-5-grg-one-off-thursdays-7-25/

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About to be playing gears 4 working that grind to gears 5 im originally from NY

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Welcome! What games do you play?

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Welcome to the community.

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Welcome to grg, I’m on xbox I’ll get you added when I get on later and as @Klown4life said we have a bunch jumping into halo 5 for some fun. Hit up @Lala_Calamari if he is on I’m sure he can help get settled with a party in if your interested and I’ll be playing as well when I get home

Welcome to GRG.

Welcome to GRG

Welcome! Lots of Xbox players here, so you’ll find no shortage of options. Not sure how many play Gears, though. I’ll probably play a bit of 5 when it releases, but it’s not really my cup of tea for the long run

Gears was my first love when I first picked up my 360. Haven’t played in years. Maybe I need to revisit it when the new one comes out.


Welcome…I’m the resident Destiny 2 fanboi…hit me up if you ever want to game (same GT as username) and I will get you into the destiny clan

I will be playing Gears 5 and the new Destiny.