Hey! I'm new.

Hey all!

I’m Steve. I’m 41 and have 3 teenage gamers in my house. Online, I’m known as GrizzlyM33. Named after a famous Canadian war tank.

We live just outside Toronto, Canada. I game mostly on PC now but have played forever on PS4, etc. I started gaming when gaming started. I have owned virtually every gaming system and collect them too!

I play mostly COD Cold War right now with some Warzone (Online and Multiplayer) some Fortnite with my teens and some Rocket League for fun. I typically play Battlefield too.

Hope to play with some other like-minded older gamers!


Welcome to Grg, plenty of degenerates here to game with. Most are xbox some ps4 and a decent Pc base as well. A lot play Cod for sure so you shouldn’t have a problem finding anyone there. I love me some battlefield but I play that on xbox. @PCGamers and @codplayers got a fresh meat shield to add and group with

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Welcome to the group.

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Welcome to GRG!

Drop your Activision ID on the below post and feel free to add anyone listed. I main on PS so if you hop on your Playstation feel free to add me or send me an invite for some CoD cross-play.