Hey guys, looking forward to being able to stop hanging out with immature kids online..

and start hanging out with immature adults.

Here’s to playing another round and being exhausted in morning meetings!


You’re on to us!

Welcome to GRG! What games are you playing? And on what systems?

Welcome to GRG

welcome to grg we have no idea what we are doing

Sounds like I’ll fit in then!

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I’ll drink to that! Welcome!

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Welcome to GRG.

What are you playing on?


What are you playing on?

I’ve been trying out Sea of Thieves the last few days, which made me realize I really need to find a gaming group. Sometimes I play Overwatch, I’m pretty bad but it’s still fun. I saw you guys play some COD Warzone so I installed that last night and played a few rounds. It was embarrassing, so maybe I’ll learn how to not break my legs first thing off the plane before I try to group up.

I like trying new games, I’m up for whatever you guys are into, and if I suck I can be the medic or whatever!

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If you ever meet someone good at games in grg I’d like to meet them, got a bunch of potatoes in this community lol

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We have it in good authority that if you wanted to give destiny 2 a shot, we have decent group playing that

Some of us have been playing for months and still break our legs.f

Nope…I’m the medic…cause I suck…lol!! JK…I will share the role…and we don’t bring up splatting upon landing anymore… sore subject…since it keeps happening…to Beers…ha!

You just hop out moving vehicles so I’m not sure if thats much better lol

I have finally learned to stay in the damn thing!!! But Lala fell out a couple of weeks ago…I lost it!!! And I’m the one who splattered the other night…but so did Beers…LMAO!

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Just curious about name. Are you in TN by any chance?

Nope, I’m in WA. User name is nonsense I got by mispronouncing a song lyric, but I’m told it sounds like the Russian word for a scraggly beard, so that’s cool