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Hey folks!


Thanks for the invite. I’m 27, ex army (101st airborne) currently playing BF5 RDR2 and will get FO 76 ASAP :). I applied on yalls bf5 platoon. Look forward to kickin ass and drinking beer with y’all

Oh yeah: Xbox live gamer tags is D4tAssDoe


Welcome to the madhouse. Throw that gamertag in a reply and others will def add you as im assuming on Xbox. Looking forward to gaming with you


Welcome aboard.


Welcome aboard - on FO76 on xbox here hardcore, so look forward to roamin’ the wasteland with ya.


Welcome to the community.




Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs on th xbone


Will add you (Olz 2).


Welcome to GRG!

I’ve added you to my friends list and to our GRG XBox club. Going to need to come up with a nickname for you…




Nice to see another veteran here in the community. Ex army as well. 25 infantry division! Welcome aboard.


We have quite a few vets actually, I love it!


Welcome to GRG!


Did the deploy to Afghanistan in 2010-2011? From Hawaii? If so you replaced us in the Kunar province (graveyard of nations)


Not a fan of dat ass? :wink:


Can’t say that seriously.
We can just call you ass?


Deployed back in 2004 3d brigade during operation enduring freedom. Location: paktika province




You know tha’t exactly how it will work here.


Lmao whatever works. I already like it here. Now I just need to convince my wife to let me buy 76… November has been expensive ! Red dead and BF5! Ouch.