Hey everyone


Hey yall. I’m Charlie, but gamewise I go by Legion. I’m a 28 year old husband/dad/dog dad. I work at a pretty large resort and one of the best in the US so my days off are pretty random (mainly our slowest two days), but I’m working on making them more consistent with Wednesday and Thursdays off. The Division 2 has become my main game after years and years of Battlefield.

Random fact: I have my bachelor’s in Agriculture from Tennessee.


Welcome to GRG Legion!

I’ll get you an invite out to our Division 2 clan this evening and I’ll add you on PSN shortly. Feel free to hop in the parties and join anyone you see on anytime. I’ll look for you and we’ll get grouped up.

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Welcome to the club man ill shoot ya a friemds request on psn here shortly and see you out in the city soon

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Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to the asylum.


Welcome…I’m mainly in Destiny but there are quite a few (actually largest group right now) playing division 2
Random fact, I’m an accountant with a Bachelors degree in Ag from SUNY Cobleskill


My wife was an ag major at UT. What years did you go? Do you live in TN?

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Yeah, born and raised in Tennessee. I graduated in 2017.

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Will add you on PSN (Olz_3).

What resort do you work at?


Welcome to GRG!

@PS4Players and @DivisionPlayers, get this guy in your games!


Then you would not know my wife. She is old. I grew up in nearby Oak Ridge. I attended UT in the late 80s. Moved to Greeneville to teach 25 years ago.


Despite living in East Tennessee for 10 years, I’ve never been to Oak Ridge. I should go and visit the museum before my wife and I move back to Middle Tennessee.

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Welcome to the community man!!

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Welcome to Grg!

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