Hey All, Newbie here!

Thanks for having me, late 30s gamer. My last clan split up and Im looking for folks to game with and maybe get some endgame content in D2 shadowkeep. Super happy to help with quests or anything I can!
Happy to be here.


Welcome to the community. We are super active in Destiny right now on xbox. What is your GT?

Welcome to the community

DiscipleofHate is gamer tag.

Welcome to the community good to have you join


There’s a whole heap of Destiny 2 Xbox players here, hit up @valiantvictory if you can’t find them.

There’s a DestinyPlayers group and we do have an in-game clan.

We have a Discord server too, complete with a Destiny channel.

Yup we are super active in destiny right now…I’m on every night and we have a bunch of groups running…I tend to be in a big party jump in dot wait for an invite…that Said if I see ya I will shoot you an invite and a follow

Ya ya! welcome welcome!

Welcome! I’ll send you a friend request last today

Welcome aboard.

gg last night @DiscipleofHate

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Thanks, @valiantvictory I had a blast. Looking forward to more!