Help with a new tv

So I just bought a 42” 4K LG, now only kick is no remote… Do any of you know of an app I can control it with my phone? Or do I just need to go to Best Buy and get a universal? And second as of now I’m still running an Xbox one so is the settings still the same or do I need to recalibrate to the tv?

There are some universal remote like apps out there.
We tried to make one work with a TV of ours when a remote went missing, was a bit hit and miss.

Depends on your make and model I think.
Give it a whirl, don’t pay for any of the apps - just use the free ones.
If they don’t work out then get yourself a universal remote instead.

I’d re-calibrate, especially if this is your first 4K.
Check the settings menu in the Xbox too, it shows how much you’re getting out of it.

LG has their own app on Android. I assume iphone too.

+1 for Logitech Harmony. We have had one for about 12 years now. The newest we got feels good and doesn’t click. It also works with RF and an IR hub so you don’t have to point the remote at the TV. Easy to set up and has controls for practically everything.

Did it not come with a remote? Or was it an open box.?

Also, make sure you have an HDMI cable that supports 4K. I thought all HDMI were good but I couldn’t get to 4k resolution with the old cable.

You also have to manually change your video settings on the Xbox. Settings then display. I’m not sure what version Xbox you have.

+2 for Harmony remotes. Have had one for several years now.

Chalk up another vote for the Harmony. Been rocking the Smart Remote and love it.

Next time @FouR187 is on ask him where he got it.


Also use logitech Harmony, works with all our stuff

Harmony here too. The LG app will work fine. Waking up the phone and opening the app is kind of a pain as opposed to just grabbing the remote and clicking.