I’m NuuYa but most call me Nuu. I’m 30 and play Xbox/PC. I also stream on Twitch but I’m small no buggy. Fun fact I actually met my husband in a BO2 lobby! But in my opinion that was the last good COD unfortunately. I play most games I just do not play BR games. I love Sea of Thieves and would play all day every day. I like Co-Op scary games because I’m too much of a chicken by myself LOL! I am a quiet person at first I’ve always been that way but once I get to know you, you can’t get me to shut up. I hope to make lots of friends! I hope everyone gives me a chance. <3
You can add me
Xbox NuuYa
Steam ID NuuyaTV


Welcome to Grg its good to have a new face join up. Plenty of us are on xbox but we also have a good amount that play PC so you’ll always be able to find someone to play with. What kind of coop scary? Phasmophobia by chance?

welcome to the community

Welcome. Xbox GT Sniper T1.

Yes I love phasmo!!

That’s awesome I’ve got some time in it and a couple other people have gotten into it recently so it’s been fun getting together to play. You’ll have to join up next time if you’d like



I will add your Steam ID to my friends list. I recently picked up Phasmophobia and I play Sea of Thieves on occasion. My Steam ID and Xbox gamer tag are YggBjorn

Ahh yes I seen your add I’ll add you back

Yes I’d love to. I’ll join on discord tomorrow after work

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