I’m 26 and mostly play shooters and sports games. I’m not the most skilled player but like to play the objectives. Some nights I can play competitively. Other nights I prefer to play more laid back and enjoy my beer. Just looking for a group that can play a few nights a week. I usually get on around 8pm est. for a couple hours. I currently have the new call of duty but would be open to new game ideas.
On the Xbox Zingy44. I go by Zing or Zingy.



Welcome to the club man. We have a forum post where you can put your Activision account name Crossplay COD Account ID's. Some of us are on ps4 and PC so we utilize the cross play

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Welcome to GRG! What do you play?


Sounds like your approach matches up with most here.
COD is a popular one right now, along with Destiny 2 (still) and a number of others.

We have our yearly voting awards going on right now, though still in the early stages - the choices might give you an idea of what the community is playing.

Welcome to the community.

There are no other ideas, right now.

Welcome to GRG
GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG. We have some lunatics here who enjoy witty, sarcastic banter along with gaming. I added you on XBL.

I’m late to the party here. Somehow missed this. What shooters are you playing?

Added you to my Friends list and sent you a GRG XBox Club invitation.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

I must be smoking crack as I already added you. Must of just not replied to this thread.