Hello My Name is Hobbs

Hello all My name is Hobbs, I am a 39 year old gamer from upstate NY, with a penchant making quiet but funny comments, Drunken controler purchases “Hello Skuf and Elite and Elite 2”, and flying completely off the handle when people say stupid racist shit,

I play COD “Mostly Poorly”
NHL 21 “Extremely Poorly”
NBA 2k “I’m not going to lie I am SO SO much better than you at these games”

This Is all kinda funny but this is me saying im back and I’ll try my best to behave and not yell at other members, all I ask is that while i love and appreciate the general shit talking and ball busting, lets for the love of god trying and keep it about sports and movies and games and general bullshit and not about all the shit that CNN and Fox News try to make us all hate each other about.

So I hope to see you all next week for Cold War and im interested in knowing who got a pre order on the Series X.

Gamertag Ahobbs2121


Welcome back Hobbs

Welcome back

Welcome back, we will have quite few playing destiny 2 next week

Picking up mine on Tuesday. I’ll see you in Cold War I’m sure.

Welcome back, I’m going to teabag you extra hard.

Oh and I get my xsx on Tuesday at 830am