Hello from Florida


Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Andrew 57 and currently playing BFV and Destiny 2. Though I play many more games as well. Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


Welcome to GRG GT is beers and leafs on the Xbone


Welcome to the community. What platforms you play D2 and BFV on? I play BFV on xbox on occasion, mostly on COD now or Conan on the PC.


Welcome aboard.


Will get ou a FR


Sent you out requests on all 3. You can also request access to the GRG Steam group if you would like.


Welcome to GRG!



Sent you FRs on each platform and invited you to our Xbox and PSN communities.
We have a Steam one too but need to be friends before you can invite for that.

What do you play on each platform?




BFV and Destiny both platforms as well as RD2. GRW on both but more so on PS4. Still play BF4 BF1 R6S on PS4. Fall out 76 PS4.


If the majority of the group games on Xbox versus PS4 I can accommodate. Like game nights and such.


I’d say more on PS4 playing BFV but more on Xbox playing D2.
Just look to see who’s online already when you want to jump on I guess.




Welcome aboard this ship of insanity!


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to the club! ill shoot ya a friends request on ps4 here shortly. I got fallout 76, grw, and r6s and all of the bf besides 5 havent picked it up yet. Currently been playing a mix of fallout and black ops 4


I sent out a few FR this evening and I’ll get more out here soon. Been swamped with work. Thanks for all the welcomes.


never officially said hi and welcome…so hi and welcome