hello everyone

hi there . im the FNG . i found you all on google . i play on xbox and playstation my handle is the Same on both systems TeddeRuxpin . i play cod, borderlands, division 2 and so many others . i work graveyard and im usally off on mondays and thursday . i look forward to meeting and playing with you all soon .


Welcome to GRG, my GT is GiddyBasket928, if you see me on, shoot an invite, or jump into any of the GRG parties.

Welecome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG
GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list and sent you an invite to GRG’s XBox Club.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Also tagging the following groups.

@codplayers, @DivisionPlayers, @BorderlandsPlayers

Welcome to the group! My gt is angelofsinx4.

Welcome to the community.

I added you. Gt Sniper T1.

Welcome to the site


Welcome to the community, if you are interested in joining us in division 2 you can always hit me up

Dont be a bitch! tell us bout you!

thanks everyone for the warm welcome