hello everyone

my name is shawn

i work at fed ex by day and i game by night . i love to play games like borderlands overwatch , tomb raider and assassins creed , cod &many others i generally play in the evenings and weekends and i cant wait ti meet and game with you all


Welcome… Bl3 will be a main stay here on the 13th

Welcome to Grg what all do you play on?

i play on ps4 @SoulessGrimm

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@PlayStationPlayers got a newcomer


Welcome to the community.


Welcome to the club man ill get you added on my friends list

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome dude.
I will add you on PSN.

Looking forward to BL3!


Welcome to GRG!

I’ll you add on PSN… look forward to getting some games in with ya!

thank you everyone for the warm welcome .

@SoulessGrimm i also play on xbox as well i added my gt to my profile

O ok awesome I’ll get you added