Hello all of you bastards

I’m Veldrin, a gamer by night (giving work schedule) and a corrections officer by day! I’m a single father of a 5 year old girl who I refer to as my little demon spawn. I’m friendly and open for discussion and look forward in establishing myself amongst the rest of the community here.

I’ve been looking for a mature group of adults for a while now and feel this may be what I’ve been looking for. Currently I’m posting this while I’m at the hospital so I’m going to leave it short and sour. If you all would like to know more about more then get the team killing going and shoot me some questions!


Welcome aboard and as a corrections officer you probably already know many of us.

What systems are you playing on and games currently?

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I’m a pc gamer, built my own rig and gave up the console life. I’ve been looking at getting back in but hadn’t decided. I’ve got over 100 games on steam. I’m an all around gamer, shooter or strategy it don’t make a difference for me. To name a few though, battlefield, arma 3, GTA V, and hearts of iron.

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We have a good group playing PUBG right now. I will add you as a friend on Steam and get you into our Steam group.

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Of course I pull up 800 Veldrins so feel free to add me sjam613 and I will get you in the group.

Thanks! I’ll accept when I get home. This is my Friday so I’ll be free all weekend to make my skid mark :joy:

Haha it’s the one with a black flag and red emblem. If you can’t find it I’ll hit you up.

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Welcome to GRG.

PUBG is life on PC right now.

I logged in with my phone but for some reason it’s not wanting too accept. I’ll just do it when I get home, I got your request though!

Sounds good.

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Welcome to GRG. as @D1G1TALC1PHERS said, we have a ton of guys playing Battlegrounds on PC and they’re on our Discord server nightly. Check out that game, it’s the new hawtness.

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Welcome to GRG

Will do!

Welcome to GRG! I’ll look you up when I get home tonight and add you on steam. We have a lot playing PUBG.

I’ll get PUBG on my overtime check! I’ve got a few friends that play that as well

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welcome to grg

Welcome to the club :smile_cat:

Welcome, welcome Veldrin. I’m on Xbox but maybe we’ll get to game together at some point.

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Defiantly if I ever get back into consoles

Welcome to GRg