Helllllllooooooooo GRG!

What’s up GRG!!! Happy to be here! Well first and foremost I am an asshole! But a good asshole. Nahhh I’m just a shitty asshole! Alright alright I am a good asshole. 41 year old who still likes to act like he’s 21 throwing 1 to 2 all night binge drinking gatherings a month with my buddies. I love hookers, blow & damn good times! Ha! Alright here we go. I am 41 year old from Baltimore, MD. Live with my GF of too many goddamn years. And our wonderful Chocolate lab Milo and our 2 stupid cats lol. I play on PS5/XSX. I only currently have a headset for PS5. But I do plan to get one for Xbox in the next few months. Gamewise I love the Battlefield series just not BFV. It was absolute SHIT IMO. I still play BF1 from time to time until the next BF arrives. I also play COD MW/Cold War/Warzone. I do get bit tired quickly of COD MP. Love Warzone tho. I also play RB6 Siege (Casual), GTA Online, RDR2 and have many other games. I am waiting for Insurgency Sandstorm to come to console. Play many SP games as well. Clanwise I have been in or ran clans since Socom in 2003. I got burn’t out being the head guy and just wanna be a cog on the wheel. But I am always happy to help where I can. I am just looking for a place to call home with like minded gamers. I want to make some new friends… I only really have 3 friends who are still around on PS5 and none on Xbox. If you want to add me on PSN/Xbox name is HULKxSMASH79 on both. I also will add anyone aswell just let me know where to find your gamer names! I will join the Discord here soon. So yeah any questions feel free to ask, I am an open book!


Welcome to GRG! I’ll add you on PS shortly. If you see me on feel free to join up or send me an invite any time!

Sweet. I will be a bit spotty until Christmas is over. Should have more free time when it’s over.

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Welcome to grg we are mostly all assholes so you’ll fit in real well. Most play xbox here but definitely have pc and Playstation players to game with.

Welcome to GRG.

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Added you to the COD Group

Welcome, Sniper T1 on xbox.

Welcome to GRG. Not sure how I missed this thread. Added you to my XBox Friends list. Also see you’re already part of @codplayers @XBoxGamers @PlayStationPlayers groups.

XBox Gamer Tag: Lala Calamari

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Welcome to the site


Welcome to GRG!