Hearthstone new expansion and ladder formats coming 4/26

I know I’m probably the only one in the clan that plays HS, BUT, it’s my jam and I like trying to get friends to play so that I have more people to strategize and tell crazy game stories with. :nerd_face:

New card expansion coming out next week. Even bigger news than that is the new ladder formats. Next week will be a great time to begin playing HS because the new Standard ladder be limited to certain cards. This means newbies coming in will be on a much more level playing field than before.

I can hear the crickets already… :sunglasses:

But that’s not all.

If that sales pitch wasn’t tantalizing enough, all players that log into HS during next weeks launch will get free card packs and a legendary card from the new expansion. Everyone gets the same legendary. It’s the card that has key synergy with several other cards in the set.

“Job’s done”