HBO MAX's Raised by Wolves Episode 1 available on YouTube

As the title states, it’s on the utubes. I’ve watched the first three episodes and it’s a pretty solid sci-fi show so far. Plus Ragnor Lothbrook is in it.

Don’t even know who that is but I might watch the show

Watch this show, it’s fantastic.

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Tried once I never hooked me but I might try again

I watched the first episode of this the other night.

It’s…weird. I’ve finally figured out Ridley Scott’s hang up, and the reason why the last alien movie sucked. He’s too obsessed with Androids (are they people to?) and the religion question. (is god real…where we come from…etc.)

I legit enjoyed Prometheus because of those topics, but then he shoe-horned Alien into it with Alien: Covenant.

That’s all Mr. Ridley Scott is all about now. Bruh…you did it with Blade Runner. Stahp!

Let it go Ridley. Tell us a different story, one without crazy robots that think they are people.

This show is fucking fantastic. Lagertha. Oh lawd Lagertha.

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