Have You or Are You Ready to GiveUp On Warzone?

Creating a healthy multiplayer experience everyone will enjoy is not an easy task.

It is not enough just to create a game with engaging and exciting gameplay that will bring fun to players. There are so many other layers you need to maintain and constantly keep an eye on them, in order for everything to function properly.

There are important things like balance, bug-fixing, removing exploits, delivering fresh and new content that will keep players engaged, punishing toxic behaviour, and so much more.

Warzone had surpassed over 60 million downloads in the first two months(Picture: Activision)

And for the most of these things, Infinity Ward is doing their best when it comes to their megapopular battle royale title, Call of Duty: Warzone.

Nonetheless, there is one thing that is plaguing the game for quite some time, and if they don’t do something to fix it, all the great content they plan to deliver might be completely in vain.

We are, of course, talking about the archenemy of every competitive game - cheating.

Cheats were present in Warzone from Day 1, but not in this huge numbers as they are now (Picture: Activision)

The cheating issue is completely destroying the experience of players, and they are sick and tired of it.

If you go to Warzone subreddit or Community Forums, you will notice a sea of highly upvoted threads of people complaining about the cheaters and how they are on the verge of abandoning the game because of it.

From ordinary players to pros, everyone is regularly experiencing situations with cheaters.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, 100Thieves content creator who regularly streams Warzone, yesterday tweeted this:

Holy shit LMFAOOOO

I've watched @timthetatman get sniped legit 10 times by this cheater in Warzone...

The cheater is flying around in a helicopter, swapping seats, and sniping everyone in the lobby. Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

— Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (@CouRageJD) July 22, 2020

Another prominent Call of Duty personality, FaZeClan’s Nickmercs, thinks that the situation is so dire that it might actually lead to Warzone’s doom.

Hackers actually might ruin Warzone. I know this is nothin’ new, but today we REALLY felt that shit 😂

— nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) July 22, 2020

"Facts, you guys said something, that it might not affect regular or bad players, I’m a 1.31 k/d, I play with buddies, they have 1.0 or below, we get hacked on at least like twice a week, it’s something that really does affect everybody, they need to fix it, " says Alex Jasso, one of many “regular” Warzone players whose experience is suffering from cheaters in their games.

In Tim’s video, you can see how frustrating it can be to play against cheaters and why people want to quit because of it.

this dude is top 100 kills in the world here is my manual review @CallofDuty pic.twitter.com/EIbJTFWino

— timthetatman (@timthetatman) July 22, 2020

Because of this, players playing on consoles are now requesting crossplay to be disabled due to accessibility of cheats on PC.

“Let the cheaters play with cheaters while you fix this. Let console players play together where hacks are far more difficult to pull off,” says Reddit user DavidxPxD.

The situation is definitely dire and it requires urgent reaction and a solution that works from Activision and Infinity Ward, or threads like this one will become a norm.

The thing that makes players angry the most is the absolute silence coming from Infinity Ward. They are tweeting about BR Stimulus Duos, but not a word from them to at least acknowledge the hacking problem and say that they are working on something to fix it.

And they need to find a solution really quick, or it might be too late.

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Still into CoD but not as hardcore as a few months ago. Between Multiplayer being a joke because randos refuse to ptfo and the bullshit that goes on in warzone it’s tough to want to play daily. Last night faced a fully auto FAL in gulag. It fired as fast as a M4. It’s frustrating.

Debating on trying Rogue Company to mix shit up. And there is always ESO.

Even JackFrags says to have a playlist that’s console only to avoid cheaters.