Hard Gorgon Checkpoint To Be Had

I’ve got the checkpoint for this week, if anyone wants it. Purdy and FilthHoler have it as well. Message me (well, one of us, I presume, would also happily get folks in so we can all get drops) to get it.

Why is that notable? Well, there’s the drop that has a chance at an exotic drop up the cliff side to the left, and past the Gorgon Maze, jump puzzle, and Gatekeepers, you’ve got Atheon, so there’s another chance at an exotic.

Anyone still have this checkpoint still?

I think I have it as well.

Dixon didn’t have it, so I’m depending on you duder. What time do you get home? I’m pretty sure I can make most times after 5pm est.

Thx, Dude. You’re the best. I now have the check point if anyone else needs it till the reset.