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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to our American members today. Let us know what will be on your table and remember, “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Will have Ham, Smoked Turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, amish salad, deviled eggs and pies galore!


Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and stays safe. I am spending it alone. Family is on a Disney cruise.

I will be cooking a turkey breast with sausage stuffing, broccoli casserole, and pea salad. I will also be playing the hell out of Fallout 76.


But of course…


Happy Thanksgiving!


Whatever my father’s house puts out today lol. Happy Thanksgiving


I brined a Turkey all night, put a honey butter glaze and sweet rub on it and put that bitch in the smoker a couple hours ago. Awwwww yeah.


Happy Thanksgiving!
I’m cooking Turkey breast, also cold ham Mac and cheese and apple pie…pumpkin pie is evil


Happy Thanksgiving

Just going to be the immediate family this year. Doing your standard fare, Turkey, Mashed potatos, Green beans, cranberry sauce. Apple Pie for desert.


The Greatest Thanksgiving episode on any show EVAR! Loved WKRP.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Just six of us, so nothing out of the ordinary …

Brined turkey to be fried in a few hrs, apple and saussage stuffing, delmonico potatoes, green beans almondine, acorn squash with brown sugared bacon, and a scratch cranberry compote. Dessert is pecan, apple, and lemon meringue pies.


Was awesome here, with turkey, ham, mash, cranberry sauce, finishing up with my now Wife approved cinnamon roll apple pie

Of course, dinner finished like a bad playlist of some kid,
With my stomaching singing:

:musical_score: let it go…let it go :musical_note:

But my tastebuds still singing:

:musical_score: Give me all your lovin’ :musical_note: all your spuds and apple too :musical_note:


Black friday sales are the worst. Got nailed in the head by a 42 inch tv. But i got RDD2 and Fallout 76.
Spent time with family eating Turkey,ham and all the fixins.
Hopefully there will be folks on to be around this weekend.
@PS4Players @Fallout76Players @RDD2Players


Happy thanksgiving to everyone!!!


Did you use any of that glorious BBQ sauce with your turkey?


You bet your ass I made a sandwich out of the Turkey with some of it yesterday! I’m the only on in my house that likes hot stuff so it’s all mine bro. So good!


Hard to think about everything I ate this weekend. The fried turkey was over done. That’s my fault. But I made up for it with the fries, and fried oysters. Then, I had another party Saturday where the highlight was fried bacon chunks. Partially cooked a whole slab of bacon, cubed it and then fried it. The fat simply melted in your mouth.