Halo night?

Been awhile since we’ve had any type of collective community night. Any interest in a halo night? Always been a good time in the past and it’s in game pass which I’m sure most of us have. Just throwing ideas out there until next hit drops.


Maybe, I’d definitely try to be there

I would be down for this.

I’d be down


I’ll play some halo tonight. Who wants to run the room since I’m special needs with what maps and game types to pick?


George Costanza Flirting GIF by MOODMAN

GG to all. We had a decent turn out! We’ll have to shoot for a Monthly (or twice a month) Halo Community night.

@Sniper_T1, @Destroyert1, @APMech12, @Cootermcgavinii, @AsnPersuasion27, @HAWKLANDER, @Grex, @SoulTerror, @DieHardCubFN, @MrWhiskerBizkit


Didn’t realize that this was happening last night. I went to bed early.

You sucky!

Sniping whore!

So mean.