Halo 5 or Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Halo 5 nights have started losing its numbers and it’s been discussed that we can try out Star Wars Battlefront 2 and see how it does on Thursdays if people would like to do it instead. So if you are interested in playing it instead get it downloaded if needed just in case our halo numbers aren’t good enough for tonight. EA access has it to download for free if you have it also. Since I’m a shitty staff member I didnt prepare well for this so I apologize for the late notice but if you’re down to play just post up below.

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I’m down for Star Wars.

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I’m down for whatever the majority decides and a plus note is I’ve never played battlefront 2 so you’ll all kick my ass handily

I dont have Star Wars nor EA access but dont hold off on my account

We will see what the halo turnout is like first

I will be on. I reinstalled bf2 if that’ll be the game of the night. I’d prefer halo but if it’s bf2 then that’s what it’ll be.

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Just think though you’ll kill me so much in battlefront since I dont even know the controls

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Ok, downloading BF2 now for $7.49. On sale. 76 GB. Halo would be cool also.

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I’m up for whatever. I’ll run some Halo or get frustrated in Star Wars BF2. I always want to play that game but always get my ass kicked in it.


BF2 always looks pretty.

I also just bookmarked a bunch of new maps for Halo off of Forgehub.com. They all look nice.

Up to you guys what we play.


Rocket league? Bwahahahahahs

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Oh fuck no.

We played Star Wars BF2 tonight. I had a mega early day with work then got hit with a migraine so I didn’t feel like sorting out Halo lobbies.

Star Wars BF2 is a pretty game. It really is. It also does a really good job at making you feel like you’re in a Star Wars movie. The game play is a bit basic. It’s more of an arcade game than a typical BF or FPS title. Which is fine.

One tough thing about the game is going up against veterans who have their characters and weapons maxed out. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t think I have a real issue with it as it gives people something to grind for. It just sucks being a pleb.

I also learned that my Rocket League skills are so much better than my fighter pilot skills. I make the actual Storm Troopers chasing Han Solo look like their Top Gun. I did manage to get 4 kills, constant blind firing FTW.

Anyway, we’ll look at Halo next Thursday. I got a bunch of maps off forgehub that I want to try.

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Forgot to mention that @SoulessGrimm and @SoulTerror joined in tonight.

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Ya had fun for the most part but screw the battleship fighting never again

I passed out on my couch at around 930 and woke up this morning lol

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Ships aren’t that bad.
Stream for anyone who may want to watch

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