Halo 5 - GRG One Off Thursdays (Part 2) 8/1

We will be running Halo 5 for this week’s One Off Game. Start downloading now as if you don’t have it, it’s a big boy. If you have XBox Game Pass then you have access to this game. Let’s get some Custom GRG games going! Free Teabags for all!

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Tagging the @HaloPlayers . Last week we had 6 and ran GRG customs, we’re hoping for more this week. The game is available on Game Pass but download early as it’s a huge bitch (100GB).

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I’m in. Hopefully with better results this week

We also need to determine what size the maps are. We need some small slayer ones, both official and any forge maps people find.

I’m down if I’m on Thursday night

I’m going to try and be on for this. Been awhile since I played halo. Always a good time.

Make sure your shit is updated or installed now. It’s a big bitch at 100GBs.

Ugh ok. I was planning to download 10 min before game time and make you wait.

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I’m in of course I have to get my lala assassination

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Come and bring it fool!

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O you know I will I have to redeem myself from your completely fake footage you put up on Twitter lol

What I need is some small MP maps. Official or Forge. Or I should just forward party lead to @Grex.

they have a Nuketown recreation in Forge

Anyone remember how to download forge maps? I’m trying to grab a few from https://www.forgehub.com/. I think I just have to bookmark them. @Grex do you remember?

Also, I need to find a decent explanation of existing maps. I can’t remember what is a 4v4 and what is an 8v8 or larger.


Bump as a reminder. @HaloPlayers

What time is this shindig? This will be my first “one off” meet up. Tried to catch up last week, but timing didn’t work. I’m CST, by the way.


9PM EST. So 8 your time. Just hop into our party and game when you get on.