Halo 5 – GRG Custom Games 8/8

We will be running Halo 5 for this week’s One Off Game. Start downloading now as if you don’t have it, it’s a big boy. If you have XBox Game Pass then you have access to this game. Let’s get some Custom GRG games going! Free Teabags for all!

I’ll be kicking off the party around 9PM EST.


You know I’ll be in this and streaming as well on mixer (fuck twitch) so let’s hope for another great turn out

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It was a good time last week. I’ll be on tonight for sure.


Should be on for a little bit.

I plan on being on as well and will be streaming on Twitch (fuck Mixer!)


Think i will be downloading this once i finish lunch so I should be on and would like to join. Though I haven’t played Halo in like over a year at least lol so pardon my shitiness

ummmm… You haven’t seen us play Halo. The best way to discribe it is it’s like a monkey fucking a football. You’ll be fine.

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I am in.

Another great turnout! It was a blast.

Also, I will admit and eat crow. The Nework Admin’s network was fucked. I sorted my shit out and things went smooth afterwards. So suck it.

Also, check out the stats on this pro. The winner must be MLG.

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Thanks to all that showed up! @h2daddy, @Destroyert1, @pandavac, @mnvikesfan, @RedeemeR116, @Sniper_T1, @APMech12, @beers_and_leafs, @legendaryexile, @SoulessGrimm, @SoulTerror


Ya another great night and nothing beats the network guy talking shit about everyones network and then realizing his network needed fixed got a good laugh. Glad we got a great turnout again let’s go for another one. @Lala_Calamari I still hate, everyone else is awesome lol

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Had a blast last night, pissed off wife this morning. Guess I’m too loud :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Check out minute 52. @SoulessGrimm is the star.


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This was reason why I was bottom of the barrel last night. She’s still in the button mashing phase.


Doggo needs to get her shit together. Can’t hang with the pros of GRG just mashing buttons.

Yeah she needs some work but her impressions are spot on. That’s her impersonating @Lala_Calamari after stomping him with a hydra.


Good times last night. Wish I could have played longer. I was beat. Looks like I missed some good times.