GTA V Money Grind - LFG - 5/28

@GTAPlayers I’ll have a private public lobby open all day filling up my Car Import/Export warehouse.

I’m also working on keeping my other businesses supplied.
There will be many VIP missions run today.
All are welcome.

I’ve got MC and CEO work that needs doing. It’ll all pay well.

And I’m willing to help with anything anyone else has to do.
I have both the Cargobob and the Buzzer available for use to make things… quicker.

I’m starting now 12 PM Central and going until I can go no more… or someone convinces me to go do something else… like ESO or Destiny… or get home-made ice cream and apple pie…


If I can pull myself away from modded GTA SP on PC I will jump in. I have climbed down a rabbit hole of amazing mods.

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Had a great time other then your crappy driving!!

I plan on being back on later tonight.

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I really wish I had that on video… it was uncanny

I recorded my face plant on the building while parashooting.

Bumping for Memorial Day HiJinx …
The double money event only lasts one more day.
Had a lot of fun with @SoulTerror @h2daddy @BrambledWhiskey
Made a ton of money and got some more work opportunities lined up.
It’s time for the real thing.

FYI - we screwed around and let the grow house get damn near full again.
I’m going to need some help getting the harvest delivered again.
1st world problems, eh?

I’m gonna get up bright and early like it’s a work day and start the money grind. Join me.

Already made about half a million this morning. VIP work and sold some guns. When I sell guns, I was the only one that got paid. @SoulTerror got nothing. How can I give him a cut?

@h2daddy I was trying to figure out how to do that last night too.
Since he is a hireling you can’t cut the fund from the sale directly to him.
But what you can do is run a few VIp mission and then goto the interactive menu, choose inventory, and select cash then give him 100% of the cut…
That doesn’t work with Headhunter for some reason, but it does work with Sightseer, and you can even do all the work for him… and in the copter it’s fast.

I got tied up, but I’m getting spun up now.

I want my money!!! :grin:

I’ll get you paid… we have lots of work to do.

I forgot this nugget. When doing bunker missions do them as MC, not CEO.
MC members get a bigger cut… he won’t get half or anything, but more than nothing.

I’ll probably be back on around 8 pm est

Getting on here in a few. Hopefully internet will cooperate and let us group up.

Sorry for bouncing earlier. I think. Was on mute. Emergency bathroom visits. The first of three since bouncing. I don’t think dinner set well with me. Sorry.

Damn sucks. get to feeling better.