GRG Town Hall 9/10

GRG will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting over Discord Chat this upcoming Tuesday (9/10) at 9 PM EST. There will be a GRG Town Hall Voice and Text channel created.

Items to discuss


  • Welcome TheRealKrobar to GRG Staff
  • Current status of GRG
  • Ways to improve community
  • Goals of GRG

Games we are focusing on this fall

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  • Destiny Shadowkeep
  • Borderlands
  • PUBG
  • Other titles we’ll dabble in
    • Anthem
    • Gears of War 5
    • Need for Speed
    • Any others?


  • CoD MW – first real test of Cross-Play.
  • Not to be confused with Cross-Save


  • We’ll begin a recruitment cycle again with the new titles.
  • Areas to Recruit
    • Games forums
    • Reddit
    • Word of mouth

Social Media Push

  • GRG Facebook –
  • GRG Twitter –
  • GRG Instagram –


  • ReaperCast Episode Feed
  • Call out for guests
  • Plan for the Podcast
  • Upcoming Shows
    • 9/9 Regular show
    • 9/23 BL3 review show Gunny, ezekiel, Bamboo Panda,
    • 10/7 D2 ShadowKeep Review show – Valiant, ezekiel
    • 10/21 Regular show
    • 11/4 CoD MW Review Show Beers, Vikes

Open Discussion

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This is for all members of GRG. Have some ideas or just to listen in, all are welcome.


Just a bump and reminder to everyone that we will be hosting this Tuesday night (9/10) @ 9PM EST.

All are welcomed to attend and get involved. It’s just a light hearted bullshit session on the State of GRG and what we are planning for the fall. We also want to hear what our community has to say, ideas and opinions are encouraged.


Bump… Don’t forget gang… Tomorrow night!

Shit… Sorry… Ninja’d… Must have been typing at same time… My bad

Once again, this is a reminder to all that we’ll be running a GRG town hall tonight. All are welcomed to attend and participate. Let’s figure out how the next few months of GRG will be!

I want to thank everyone that showed up last night. We had some good conversations and some good ideas from a bunch of members. It was a good turnout.


Here’s a recording of the Town Hall for those that are interested hearing what went on. I only recorded the main part which is a shame as there was some good conversations after the meeting. Just a BS session then.

Audio might be a bit rough, it’s unedited.