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GRG Members

Grim Reaper Gamers started out as an Xbox clan and has grown to now include any gamer, no matter the platform, looking for an active community. We now have close to 1k registered members across Xbox, Playstation and PC. Over the past few months we have had a large influx of PC players. We currently do not have any dedicated staff to help drive events and get people together on this platform. We are looking for a few brave souls to step up and help grow this side of the community. If you feel you can help out, please let us know.

What is required from a GRG staff member:

  • Recruit for a game that you are actively playing
  • Run at least one monthly event on that game with the focus of bringing in new GRG members
  • Help get gaming parties together whenever online

Bonuses for being GRG Staff

  • Mod powers!
  • Sweet forum badge
  • Priority treatment at Gunny’s Glory Hole

GRG is an open community and want members to be able to contribute in any way they feel comfortable. So if you have an idea please don’t hesitate to make a post or pm a staff member.



You didn’t tell what an applicant has to go through to get a position and the nightmares to follow if accepted. Just saying.


You mean the 24-hour, no holds barred, water-only straight session at the Glory Hole?

I thought that was considered the signing bonus?


I can’t stress @Grex’s post enough. While we are constantly growing I feel that we’re also just spinning our wheels. Over a third of all our new applications are for PC gamers each month. We seriously do get a lot especially for not advertising or promoting for PC gamers.

Most of the applications state they are looking for a good gaming community and sadly we just don’t have our act together for an organized PC group. It’s something I’d like to see and apparently there is a huge demand for it. So rather than just letting the PC community of GRG become a reality we figured we would try a more proactive approach and attempt to organize it. Start off small and simple with promoting a few PC gamers that understand what GRG is about and willing to put in some effort to help build it up. It’s a pretty easy gig. A couple of posts on the forums, set up a few game nights and things like that.

GRG is a volunteer based community. We need people to step up and help out as it’s the only way we’ll continue as a community. It’s not a glamorous job (trust me, I’ve been running this group for over a decade) but it can be rewarding Gaming with randoms just sucks and thankfully that’s something I don’t have to experience with GRG. I can log on every night and group up with other like minded adults.

Bottom line is we need your help. We have the recruits and members but we don’t have any way of getting those people in games and gaming together. I truly hope we do get some people to step up and run with this because I’m not sure what we’ll do if no one does. I don’t want to continue the revolving door that is the PC community with people leaving as soon as they join.

PS: We’re also always looking for people of the other platforms to help out. Whether it’s a staff position or just helping out with running some events. PM either @Grex or me if interested.


What is a PC?


This sounds good to me.

My attention span is too fleeting, and outlook too jaded to every step up in that capacity.

But when I do find a game I like it’s nice to have a place to look for people to play with.


Might be a good trait for PC Gamers actually. They seem to be a Shiny Penny of the week type of group.


I’m going to close down the search as we haven’t had any interest at all in helping the PC side of GRG. I have to say I’m a little disappointed. GRG is a volunteer community and we really need the help to run it properly. It’s truly a shame as a third of all new applications are for PC gamers. As of now we bleed those members just as fast as they sign up.

I guess for now we’ll just keep on trucking.