GRG Round Table - BLOPS 3 Beta Discussion

Join GRG as we discuss our thoughts on the BLOPs 3 Beta. JohnnyHustler will be the special guest moderator. The panel will consist of 2 PS4 players, Klown4Life RTuTTle86 and 2 XBox Players, TexasReaperCrew Lala Calamari.


Watch us live on Twitch @ 9:30 EST.

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And the choices of the panel members were made how ?

I was brought on for my looks.

This means everything will be ugly at the start !!! LOL !!!

It’s a GRG Production…you expect otherwise?

We were picked by young age and beauty. Not sure how Lala got in tho

Ummmm … I think that " one " of the panel is rocking the " sweaty look " .

I think the word you wanted was “shiny”

Just a shameless bump.